Former Pink Pistols Spokesperson Takes Organization Reins

Former Pink Pistols Spokesperson Takes Organization Reins


Founder Doug Krick entrusts day-to-day operation of international organization to previous International Spokesperson.

Philadelphia, PA (PP National) January 23, 2013 - While the Obama Administration mulls critical legislation that may curtail the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans, interested groups of those Americans look to each other for answers to important questions. Chief among those questions is “what do we do now?”, or “what will we do, if our rights are infringed upon?” What most are hearing within their communities are more questions, or in some cases, stunned silence.

In the case of the Pink Pistols, there has been until recently a somewhat chaotic hush. The national website ( has not been updated in a timely fashion, resulting in a dearth of information when it is sorely needed. The reason for the website lapse is a change in web hosting services, a rebuild of the system that was not completed, and a change in web management, when International Media Spokesperson Gwendolyn Patton was injured in a car accident and needed to take a leave of absence. This has resulted in a state of quietude in the organization when we need the Pink Pistols to be far more outspoken and available to the community in a leadership role. “To put it bluntly,” said Patton, “Too many people think the Pink Pistols are dead. Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated.”

Patton, though permanently disabled due to the accident, is nonetheless able to perform some limited services for Pink Pistols. She feels she can perform administrative duties and delegate tasks that require action she can no longer perform herself, a leadership role instead of an in-the-trenches position. Founder Doug Krick agrees, and as of this date, Founder Doug Krick has entrusted day-to-day operations of the Pink Pistols to Gwendolyn Patton, former International Media Spokesperson, in order to get the organization back on track and where it can properly serve its people. The title "First Speaker" has been created to fit this role, indicating that Patton is simply speaking as first among the equals she serves. All media communications will be administered from her office for the time being, until the new deputy spokespersons are comfortable in their positions.

The lead chapter of the Pink Pistols has reverted to the Delaware Valley Chapter, under the administration of Tom Nelson, who has run the chapter perfectly and without fail in Patton's absence. Patton also gives thanks to the former lead chapter, San Jose, California, for their leadership during this time. “Tom Nelson of the Delaware Valley chapter has been a rock, keeping things going like clockwork, every month. I also greatly appreciate the efforts of Nicole Stallard and the San Jose Pink Pistols,” said Patton. “I needed some time after my accident and spinal surgery to regroup, but now, I’m happy to do what I can still do for my fellow Pink Pistols.” Patton further states that there will be a short period where the website will undergo a shift to new hosting and restructuring, during which time all chapters are requested to update their data with the National, so they can be properly linked with the new website.

On the subject of the proposed firearm regulations, Patton had this to say: “We have, and continue to advocate lawful firearm use for self-defense of the sexual-minority community. What impedes that, impedes our mission statement. Firearms have been proven time and again to be among the best and most effective tools for individual, on-the-spot self-defense. Semi-automatic firearms are a reliable, century-old technology that does not in itself impart greater lethality than, say, a revolver. Magazine size allows for defense against multiple attackers, but a large magazine is less reliable and may jam more often. Restricting magazines to small size also restricts users to more reliable devices that jam less. Many spree killers stopped shooting because their large magazines jammed, such as Holmes in Colorado and Roberts in Clackamas. If they were using multiple small magazines, they may have continued to shoot, like Cho did at Virginia Tech.” She continues. “This is what we need, a reasoned discussion, not emotional knee-jerking. The deaths at Sandy Hook were awful and tragic. But we should not get caught up in the urge to do something, anything, and do the wrong thing.” She smiles. “I said it before, and I’ll say it again. "No compromise on either our gay rights OR our right to bear arms is acceptable to the Pink Pistols. We will calmly discuss anything with anyone. But certain things are not negotiable."

The Pink Pistols website, is undergoing a major overhaul. During this time, a backup site will be presenting up-to-date information regarding national-level activities and news, This site will form the core of the new, overhauled site.

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